At What Cost?

How far will you go to fight injustice?

I recently came across a Facebook post which reflects the extent to which one will go in order to fight injustice. This post accruately and succintly describes the moral and ethical challenges of former US Attorney Benjamin Glassman. Mr. Glassman is the embodiment of all things wrong with the American judicial system.



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WASHINGTON, D. C. A Virginia man will visit the Nation’s capital on Thanksgiving with one objective: ask President Trump to send him to prison. Beau Johnson is willing to serve the remaining four years of Orlando Carter’s prison sentence. Carter, a black man from Cincinnati, Ohio, has been unjustly incarcerated for the last ten years. Johnson says, “I have a 2018 letter from the Department of the Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which proves Orlando Carter is innocent. Carter could not have committed bank fraud. I ask Mr. Trump to release Carter or allow me to serve the balance of his unjust sentence.”

In 2008, the FBI and DOJ falsely alleged that Carter and his company had a $4 million loan and/or guaranty with National City Bank (currently PNC Bank). According to Carter’s attorney, Geoff Spall, “When the investigation began, neither the FBI nor DOJ confirmed the existence of this alleged loan with either the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the agency which regulates national banks, or PNC Bank. As a result, the DOJ ran with a false claim and unjustly prosecuted Carter. Without a loan or guaranty, Carter could not have committed bank fraud. Carter is innocent.”

National City Bank has a history of racial prejudice. From 2002-2008, NCB charged higher loan fees to some 80,000 minorities and was sued by the Federal Government for racial profiling. Johnson says, “NCB’s culture of racial animus is significant.” NCB, through its subsidiary NCCC, had a relationship with Butler County, Ohio. Vince Rinaldi, CEO of the NCCC, sent funds to Carter who, as a vendor for Butler County, was to build a fiber optics ring. NCCC, under a “Master Lease Agreement” with Butler County, was to provide the financing. Johnson adds, “Rinaldi sent the funds to Carter ‘for minority’ reasons. At a minimum, the FBI and DOJ should have acknowledged NCB’s prejudicial business practices and that NCCC’s submission of a ‘Suspicious Activity Report’ was, itself, highly suspect. As it stands, NCB released all parties from the Master Lease Agreement as indicated by the attached filing into the Court of Common Pleas in Butler County in 2006 . So why was Carter prosecuted? Why is he still imprisoned?”

Every effort to work within the judicial system has failed. Johnson says, “No one in power listens. Officials either refuse to accept truth or they lack the courage to do what is right.”

Former U. S. Attorney Ben Glassman, who resigned November 1, 2019, told the Baptist Ministers Conference of Cincinnati in 2018 that the DOJ shredded documents which proved the $4 million loan existed. Johnson says, “Glassman flat out lied. Recent OCC and PNC documents confirm Glassman deceived the people of Cincinnati.” Spall says, “The Federal Government is one entity. Two agencies may not conflict as to a fact and the DOJ has a responsibility to be the spokesperson for another agency’s facts.” Noteworthy, the DOJ is required to retain records for ten years and Carter has been fighting his conviction for as long.

Since the OCC and PNC verified that the alleged $4 million loan never existed, the DOJ could not have shredded documents which proved otherwise. Johnson contends, “Glassman’s conduct and false statements are shameful. He discredited the DOJ and ignored the truth. The FBI and DOJ follow a corrupt pattern. These agencies did the same to Carter in 2008 as was done to President Trump under FBI Director James Comey and the DOJ in 2016. If Trump reads the documents from the OCC and PNC Bank, he will know Carter was unjustly convicted by overzealous U. S. Attorneys, who, themselves, never checked the work of deceitful and incompetent FBI agents. The DOJ did not have jurisdiction to prosecute Orlando Carter.”

Johnson says, “Any American could be Orlando Carter at some point and most people do not have access to Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, famous NFL players, or politicians. Hopefully Mr. Trump will help one innocent American this Thanksgiving. This nightmare must end for the Carter family.” Johnson adds, “Imagine sitting in a federal prison for ten years for bank fraud when the loan in question never existed.”

Mr. Johnson will be in front of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue from 10 am until 2 pm on Thanksgiving Day.

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